Hartford Middle School

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Principal's Message

Hartford Public Schools is committed to this purpose and so is Hartford Middle School.  We believe that every student can be successful and that every second we spend with them is valuable.
We are committed to effective instruction, an aligned rigorous curriculum, and multi-tiered systems of support for all our students.
Our teachers are trained and coached on the best ways to help your student learn.  They believe in working together to sharpen their teaching skills.  And our staff is working to implement the latest in technology and education strategies into their classrooms.  
Learning comes from effective teaching.
Hartford Middle School is also striving to have a curriculum that challenges all students and prepares them for high school.  Our Understanding by Design process is being used District-wide to show our progression in all core subjects K-12.  The staff at the middle school also understands that curriculum development is a never ending cycle, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement in this area.
Each student is unique and all students have their strengths and weaknesses.  Our multi-tiered systems of support are aimed at meeting the individualized needs of our students.  We are tracking progress of our students through various assessments, providing interventions when needed, and working diligently to make sure all of our students grow.​

Ken Mohney
Principal - Hartford Middle School
(269) 621-7200 [email protected]